It’s amazing how on the main pedestrian street here in Budapest (Vaci utca) as soon as the sun goes down, the prostitutes come out.

And they’re not crack-whore gross like the ones in Vancouver. They’re actually pretty hot - lots of makeup and high heels, but certainly hotter than the crack-whores inVan.


It’s funny to watch them. They always work in pairs (you’ll see a pair of dressed up chicks walking together pretty close, sometimes arm-in-arm), and they like to harass men that look like business men, or asians. I guess they’re good clients.

I find that when I’m walking around on my own, they don’t really bother me - But as soon as I’m walking around with a friend who happens to be a guy, they’re right in your face asking if you want company, etc.

Same with the strip club pimps. They come up to you and tell you all about the great shows, beautiful women, cheap sometimes free beer on entry, etc. etc. Never believe them. It’s almost always going to end up costing an arm and a leg and the clubs are always dodgey.

You’d think maybe the police would have SOME presence on Vaci after-dark, but they definitely do not. They’re around during the day but don’t seem to care about the prostitution and pimping going on in the evening. I’m not sure what the laws are here, though I’m sure they’re more liberal than in Canada. But still. It’s kind of a bad image for any tourist who’s walking down the street at 8 PM and just gets harassed by whores.